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D1_01. Welcome Note by Antriksh Shah.mkv 28M2018-May-02 21:26
D1_05. Reverse Engineering Of Programmable Logi..> 182M2018-May-02 21:27
D2_05. TEMPEST Attacks Against AES by Craig Ram..> 235M2018-May-02 21:28
D1_07. To Guess Wrong Is Expensive: A Deduce & ..> 251M2018-May-02 21:27
D1_06. Flip A Bit, Grab A Key: Symbolic Executi..> 257M2018-May-02 21:27
D2_06. The RTOS Exploit Mitigation Blues by Jos..> 270M2018-May-02 21:28
D2_03. KERNELFAULT: Pwning Linux Using Hardware..> 279M2018-May-02 21:27
D1_03. A Ghost In Your Transmitter: Analyzing P..> 283M2018-May-02 21:26
D2_01. Hardware Trojans And The Internet Of Thi..> 286M2018-May-02 21:27
D2_02. Hardware Root Of Mistrust by Joe FitzPat..> 336M2018-May-02 21:27
D1_04. Latest Metasploit Hardware Bridge Techni..> 397M2018-May-02 21:27
D2_04. A Little Review Of Security Challenges I..> 408M2018-May-02 21:27
D1_02. Challenging Real-World Targets: From iPh..> 428M2018-May-02 21:26
D2_07. CXO Panel: (Un)Dependable Dependencies I..> 443M2018-May-02 21:28
D1_08. Shaking Trust In Hardware: Attacks On Ha..> 451M2018-May-02 21:27
D2_08. Hack Your Body, One Implant At A Time by..> 584M2018-May-02 21:28
D1_09. CXO Panel: Who Owns Your Car? by Dr. Ana..> 695M2018-May-02 21:27